Randall Zorn is an artist, a fisherman, a sailor, a surfer, a lover of nature and the elements. His love of the beach started with weekend trips to the grandparent’s cottage on the Newport Beach peninsula. The desire has brought him to live on Oahu, travel to beaches in Fiji and Cabo, but ultimately he’s most at home at San Onofre on a Dale Velzy longboard, or making coffee on his travel stove in the beach lot.

Randall holds a BFA from USC and an MFA from Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA. He has taught art at Long Beach City College and Cal Poly Pomona. He’s had solo exhibitions at Five Feet Restaurant in Laguna Beach, Tommy Tang in West Hollywood, Great Western Savings & Loan, Newport Beach, among others. See full curriculum vitae.

Randall’s works are often familiar imagery, interpreted with unique perspectives and mixtures of color, like you might recall from a dream.

For information on Randall’s shows, click here.

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